February 9, 2015

Cars Land: Disney closes Luigi’s Flying Tires ride

Update Feb 9, 2015: The Disney blog is reporting Luigi’s Flying Tires will close for good on Feb 15th and a new attraction will open here in 2016.

I did find this ride a bit of a disappointment, and obviously so did others. If you had a chance to ride on it, what did you think?


Cars Land

Grabbing balls and trying to crash into others is the name of the game

With much fanfare and celebrities and so many TV stations and live radio broadcasts being carried out down “Route 66” Cars Land finally opened to the media today and I got to ride (more than once) all the new rides.

This is one is Luigi’s Flying Tires (or tyres) where Luigi with his heavy Italian accent invites you to try his fettucine-brand of flying tyres which are basically hovering a couple of inches off the ground from air pumping through a gazillion jets so that you glide by leaning left and right, front and back to catch the huge beach balls and try and crash into others in your bumper cars.

It’s tricky to get the knack of so you’ll probably need to do it twice. I did it by myself which may or may not have been easier, but with 2 or 3 you’d have to work together like a 3-legged race to ensure you move off in one direction.

Have a look here at how it goes.


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"Cars Land: Disney closes Luigi’s Flying Tires ride" - What do you think?

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