November 23, 2009

Celebrity shopping & makeovers in West Hollywood

Some of you will remember my extreme hair-do makeover shenanigans in West Hollywood a couple of months ago (blog and pics here) well now the 4-minute travel piece I presented for TVNZ of the escapade is online.

Hollywood makeover

He turned me into a diva!


I went to the completely over-the-top Phyllis Morris store where a double-triple king size bed that is hand made for you will set you back US$120,000. The eccentric Phyllis made her name (and money) in the 1950’s starting out selling pink poodle lamps from the back of her convertible. These days the shop is run by her daughter and they’ve never heard of the word recession.

Do I look an Extreme Made-Over American woman??

Do I look an Extreme Made-Over American woman??

Then I popped into Arcade Boutique, a clothes and bling store that celebrity stylists shop at and tried on a black and white diamond bracelet for US$29,000 that one of Hilary Duff’s friends just popped in and bought for her birthday.

But the ultimate was my big boofy hairdo styled by none other than Extreme Makeover stylist Steve Lococo at B2V Salon for my own big reveal…

Check out the TVNZ Breakfast clip here. And listen to what Paul Henry says about my new do!!

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