March 3, 2017

Las Vegas: Get married by Elvis!

“I take you to be my hunka hunka burnin love,” said the blushing bride through giggles, holding a bouquet at her waist, to her grinning groom at the front of Graceland Wedding Chapel, where I was perched on a pew taking it all in.

It was one of the strangest, most hilarious things I’ve ever done on my travels: gate crashing an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas!

Elvis wedding Las Vegas

Love me tender!

It was a few years ago now that I wandered along the Strip to stare at all the couples arriving at the many wedding chapels that offer every quickie wedding from drive throughs to the to full Elvis wedding experience, but this week in Auckland, I bumped into Brandon from Graceland Wedding Chapel and we had a laugh as I reminisced about the ceremony I attended.

That couple were actually renewing their vows and they had a couple of friends in attendance and waved me in to sit on a pew and join their nuptials.

The groom in his suit was standing in the front, the two friends on a pew on one side and me on another pew (slightly back!) on the other. After a few minutes of waiting and looking around the windowless cream coloured room with fabric draped walls, the doors behind us opened and there was the bride on Elvis’s arm. He was SO like Elvis I couldn’t believe it! I have seen some pretty bad Elvis imitators in my visits to Las Vegas, but this guy was uncannily like the King.

Graceland wedding chapel Vegas

I promise never to step on your blue suede shoes!

He sang her up the aisle as she beamed on his arm, and then gave her away at the front to her groom as she promised never to “step on your blue suede shoes”.

Brendan Paul is his name and he’s actually blonde. I know this because after the ceremony I hung back to interview him, but I had to be quick because he had an eyelash tint appointment to get to!

If you’re wanting to book the best Elvis Presley in Las Vegas, this guy is it.

Prices start at US$199 and includes Elvis walking the bride up the aisle and singing two songs (you can expect a little Love Me Tender in there), plus a wedding certificate. You can pay more for a professional photographer to capture your moment with the King!


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  1. jo Ann Lawery on

    This post is cute! Vegas makes it so easy for a person to get married. You just have to be over 18 and show your passport or social security card along with your marriage thingy that you got from Clark County Marriage License Bureau for $77 usd. I just returned from Las Vegas in June as I was there for the NHL Awards and Expansion Draft . Vegas is amazing and not just the strip , Downtown as well .


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