June 14, 2011

New creepy crime tour launches in LA

Update: this tour is no longer running. But TMZ and Starline Tours are still operating loads of others


If you’re visiting Los Angeles it’d be craaazy not to stalk a celebrity or two. You can jump on a bus and head off for a drive-by of the gated houses of the rich and famous and even get amongst the TMZ paparazzi who are ‘on the job’ even while guiding you around.

But now a new tour is launching for the weirdos among us who love nothing more than a gory crime scene. Crime Scene Tours is for all those who are obsessed with cops and robbers TV shows (or the real life Crime and Investigation channel, as is the case in my house).

These tours are led by LA’s finest – both retired and currently serving police officers, so you can also pick their brains about other cases (closed of course) that you have a macabre fascination in.

Does he need a caption?

“Perfect for amateur sleuths and drama junkies who enjoy television’s most popular crime shows, Crime Scene Tours L.A. will take curious tourists to some of the area’s most sensational crime scenes.  Each crime will be examined in depth and multiple locations will be visited that may include Studio City, backdrop to the oldest movie studios in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the palatial mansions of the rich and famous, and the exclusive village of Brentwood made famous by football star and convicted criminal, O.J. Simpson.”

The creepy Charles Manson

This one-of-a-kind tour includes the North Hollywood bank robbery – one of the most infamous shootouts in Los Angeles history, the murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley, wife of Robert Blake, television star of “Baretta” and “Our Gang,” the murders of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, former wife of O.J. Simpson, the heinous crimes of the Night Stalker and the Hillside Strangler, the Manson family and the murders of actress Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger, heir to Folgers Coffee, and The Black Dahlia, one of the oldest unsolved murders in Los Angeles history.

The 2 ½ hour tour, created by former Los Angeles Police Department crime analyst Lonnie Levine, begins this month.

But for those who’d rather something a little less bloody and more paparazzi-perving-at-celebrities excitement, Starline Tours (which started in 1935 showing off celebrity homes) has a bunch of other tours, including the new TMZ Hollywood Tour which even have papo’s on board who leap off the bus and grab a shot of some poor unsuspecting actress coming out of Starbucks in her catch-me-unawares Marc Jacobs. Just imagine the fun.

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