September 25, 2009

The Hotel Matchmaker will hook you up in California

I have been a fan of Joie de Vivre hotels for a few years now. They have about 35 very different, boutique, brand new, old and rustic, quirky properties mainly in San Francisco, but more scattered around California including one with sweeping views of the Big Sur coast, a couple in wine country and 3 in Los Angeles.

But with so many hotels to choose from: some with spas, some with restaurants, some close to the shops, some with views. Posh or themed, quirky or classic… one could become burdened. Fear not! The sassy little Hotel Matchmaker will pair you up for a night (or 3…).

Just click on the Hotel Matchmaker link and a smiley young thing will pop up to run you through a personality test of your likes and dislikes. Multi choice questions cover things like what kind of people you like to hang out with, your interests, how people would describe you: cool/hip, stylish, rustic… you get the picture.

You can tick up to 2 options per question, and in fact that is advised, then voila! A selection of ‘mates’ are chosen of hotels you’ll no doubt fall for.

But then you must decide who you will give your rose to…

Galleria Hotel, San Francisco
Galleria Hotel, San Francisco

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