January 30, 2016

Video: Standing on the rim of an exploding volcano!

Mt Yasur

As night falls the lava glows

A visit to Vanuatu’s Tanna Island is all about seeing the mighty and majestic volcano, Mt Yasur. It’s continuously exploding and without any fence or even a line of stones showing where tourists should not cross, we bumped over the rough roads for two hours to stand right here on the rim, listening and watching the core of earth in action.

These videos are recorded on my iPhone so really don’t do it justice, but behind the wind noise over the microphone you can hear what sounds like waves which is the molten lava way below, then the blast of the explosions and the spray of fireworks with rocks hitting the sides and tumbling back into the crater for another turn. As it got darker the sight got more impressive. I could watch this for days!

Turn your volume up and watch Mt Yasur erupting!

And for another view. You can easily see the brown ash clouds, white steam and blue vapour of sulphur.

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