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Hi! I’m Megan Singleton and I’ve been galavanting around the world travel writing full time since 2000 and blogging since 2006. “Travel inspiration made easy” is my tagline for this blog and you'll find hundreds of great posts filled with my best tips and advice for where to go, what to do - and sometimes what NOT to do!

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  • How to Find a Guide in Bali. There are hundreds of drivers who will offer their services to take you for a day out in Bali, so this post will help you find a good guide to get out and explore. We went to Ubud from Seminyak to shop at the markets, eat nasi goreng beside a rice field and visit a kopi luwak (cat poo coffee) plantation! Here is who I recommend. #Ubud #Bali #Baliguide #Indonesia #travelguide @bloggeratlarge
  • If getting up close to the scariest, deadliest lizard in the world is on your Bucket List, you need to read this post. I spent a couple of hours with them in Indonesia and this post covers where to find them, how to get to Komodo Island and 5 super scary facts about these dragons that'll freak you out! #Komododragon #Komodoisland #Indonesia #travel #asia @bloggeratlarge
  • Gone are the days of dressing smart and sweet talking your way into Business Class. You may not get to turn left into the pointy end, but there are some great and not so great economy seats, and here's how to get the best ones. #traveltips #airplanetips #bestseats Pic credit Ben Neale (Unsplash)
  • In their quest to rid the planet of millions of plastic cups on their flights, Air New Zealand have partnered with a local company who makes edible coffee cups. I put one to the test and made a little video. Here is my impression ... #ediblecups #ecotravel #airline #travel