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Hi! I’m Megan Singleton and I’ve been galavanting around the world travel writing full time since 2000 and blogging since 2006. “The word in travel” is my tagline for this blog and you'll find hundreds of great posts filled with my best tips and advice for where to go, what to do - and sometimes what NOT to do!

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  • This is a post for the girls: if a thigh gap is that thing only other girls have, you'll love this easy tip for being able to wear a dress or skirt in humid climates!  Enjoy your vacation without being uncomfortable. #sweatybetty #thighchafe #chafing #traveltips #lifehack @bloggeratlarge
  • Whether I'm going away for 2 weeks or 2 months, I use this list for travel every time. Use this printable list and write the quantities in the check boxes or cross out what you don't need, and that way you won't forget anything! Follow these tips for an organized packing solution that is stress free.  #packinglist #packing #checklist #travel #traveltips @bloggeratlarge
  • Our 5 day road trip around Southern Ireland from Dublin to Cork, Limerick, Cliffs of Moher and Galway was amazing. So many cute places to stop, shop and stay. Use this travel itinerary to get your vacation started - and if you have longer, even better!  #Ireland #roadtrip #travel #traveltips #itinerary @bloggeratlarge
  • Travel Insurance: What you need to look for. It turns out I've been travelling for years thinking I was covered for things like a cruise or renting a motorbike when actually I wasn't. Read this post BEFORE you take out travel insurance so you don't get stuck without cover.  #travel #insurance #traveltips #travelinsurance #tipsfortravel @bloggeratlarge