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SeaWorld’s Orca prison: Google-Earth shows what conditions are really like

Here is my solution to save SeaWorld parks – without keeping whales in captivity!

Ship nebulizer

23 things NOT do on a cruise!

Whatever you do, don’t do these things on your cruise!

NYC: The BEST places to see July 4th fireworks [2024]

If you’re heading out to see the Macy’s fireworks on 4th of July in NYC, here are the best spots to stand, and the best events to get into!

Step-by-step guide on how to plan your dream vacation

If you’re tasked with planning the next big vacation, my 14 step guide will ensure you don’t miss anything out

How Ted Lasso’s family plans huge vacations – and tips for how you can too

Each year the Sudeikis family (aka Ted Lasso) plan a huge vacation. Our family does something simlar. Here’s what you need to know to plan your own

Did you know it’s illegal to photograph Eiffel Tower at night? Weird, wacky, crazy travel facts!

Did you know you’re not allowed to photograpgh the Eiffel Tower at night during the light show? This and other wacky facts revealed!

How to spend a fab day in Perth, Australia

There are so many fun things to do in and around Perth, including new hotels and restaurants, wine tasting – and quokkas!

How to do Paris during the Olympics – and what to avoid

This list of things to do in Paris is for first-timers, but also has some hidden gems you might not know about!

Versace miami

Peek inside Gianni Versace’s Miami mansion

The iconic fashion guru’s former home in Miami is now a stylish bar and hotel

13 great places for a Florida vacation!

If Florida is on your mind for your next vacation, I’ve done the research for you! These destinations provide huge fun or laid back vibes.

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