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Guest posting on Blogger at Large

Hi! If you’ve found this page you’re obviously looking for a guest post outlet.

I am always looking for good quality guest posts, so read on to ensure you submit a pitch that will likely get you posted.

What content are you looking for?

That’s the first thing you need to know, what am I after right now. At this point I am looking for US content for a domestic US audience.

You’ll need to scroll through my US content to see what I’ve already got here and where you think you could add value to my readers.

Things like road trip itineraries, best of, city guides, tips for camping or hiking in certain locations.

Keyword research

When you email me your pitch, you need to outline the keyword/s you’re targeting and the research you’ve done for your topic. This lets me know that 1) you’re serious about wanting this to work both ways, 2) that you know how to add value to this blog and 3) that you’re more than just a wannabe blogger but you know what you’re talking about.

I’m not looking for a unicorn (high volume, low difficulty) keyword, but please bear in mind that high difficulty topics are not what I’m looking for. Of course, you might have a niche angle on that topic, so let me hear it!

Oh and I don’t expect you to be a pro at keyword research, just at least send me a pitch that shows you’ve got an angle.

Do I need to supply images?

Not necessarily. I have a subscription to an image library site, but it’s always better if the images are unique. Someone who pitches and supplies their own images is going to be a more easy ‘yes’.

How long should the post be?

Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you write up your post, email me your ideas. Oh and make sure you use my name in the email. People who email with just Hi there, show me that they haven’t taken the time to look through this blog at all. It doesn’t take much to see the author name on any post, the About Me section or the author bio at the bottom of all my posts.

Ok, when you’ve sent your pitch, I’ll reply with the specs. But in a nutshell, I’m after at least 1000 words with 4-5 images. It should be broken up with headers so people scrolling can stop when they get to a header that interests them.

You should also include links to any sites that are relevant to your copy. For example, if you’re reviewing places to eat, you should include links to those restaurants.

Another thing to note: I am looking for evergreen content. It might be something like ‘how to prepare for mardi gras’ which is obviously a timely event, but the content needs to be relevant for years.

In return…

In return I will add up to 2 do-follow links to your own site. I will also share your post across my social media outlets and to my newsletter database. It would also be helpful for reach if you did the same across your own outlets.

So there you have it! If you’re interested in guest posting on Blogger at Large, drop me an email to I’d love to hear from you.

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