February 19, 2012

Pics: Undies v togs at the Australian Surf Pro

The inaugural Australian Open of Surfing has just wrapped up for 2012 and thousands of scantily bods hit Manly Beach to strut their stuff. Oh and to watch the surf. It was an overwhelming success and they’re already planning a bigger event next year.

Here’s what I saw…

The skate bowl was so popular this is as close as I got

All eyes on the Women’s Final

Paparazzi mob Women’s winner Sally Fitzgibbons

Togs. When sand is in view, it’s togs…

Standing on the media balcony trying to look professional with my little camera

“Life’s better in the nude”

The big screen showing surfing and skating with the band stage behind

Men’s winner Matt Banting (he also won the Junior title!)

Under the Sydney sky. What a day!

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