June 3, 2012

What power plugs do I need for travelling?

Do you ever find yourself heading overseas and at the last minute think, Shoot! Which power adapter do I need in this country?

I bought one of those all-in-one power plugs once, but it was useless. The connection was so loose that I had to prop it up with books in hotels and even then it was intermittent. That $30+ investment is now in the flotsam heap and I take one power plug adapter for the country or countries I’m going to and a New Zealand multi-box with about 4 power points in it so I can charge all my gadgets at once.

So here’s some photos of the power plugs/sockets/outlets I’ve started collecting:

*Beware, these are not power converters, so if you have a voltage question and need a converter, this post isn’t for you!

This is the power plug they use in the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore:

UK power point

You need 3 big square prongs for these countries. Pic  www.FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What power adapter do I need in France, New Caledonia and Tahiti?

Power plug for France and Tahiti

You’ll need a round plug with 2 prongs and a hole for France, New Caledonia and Tahiti

What power adapter do I need in Germany?

Germany power plug

This is what you need in Germany – 2 prongs and a chip out of the plug

What power adapter do I need in China?

Chinese power plugs

Here’s the line up of power plugs at my hotel in Shanghai

What power plug do I need in America and Mexico?

American power point

The US has the 2 straight prongs and 1 round underneath

What power socket do they have in New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands? This one is also used in Argentina.

Australia and NZ power outlet

Australia and New Zealand use the same power plug. Two prongs on an angle and one straight underneath. You’ll find this one across the Pacific and Argentina too.

What power plug do I need in Italy?

Power socket Italy

This is what you’ll need in Italy and parts of North Africa

Please email me your power point pics to add to the list!


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