1. Westjet Santa surprise

    The amazing WestJet Christmas surprise

    The best Christmas surprise I’ve seen at an airport. You may cry!

  2. Ice hotel TN

    Chilling out in an Ice Hotel

    Personally I can’t think of much worse than tromping through ice to spend the night in an igloo, but if it’s on your Bucket List, here are a couple to check out

  3. Fairmont thumb

    3 great places to eat in Whistler

    Tash McGill headed to Whistler and tried 3 restaurants and bars. From a cheeky whisky to a soup bar and some actual eating in between, here is her review.

  4. Whistler train thumb

    From sea to sky: on the rails to Whistler

    When Tash McGill set off to Vancouver, she had the added the bonus of a scenic train ride to Whistler and is now a convert to rail…

  5. whistler massage

    Whistler: play hard – relax hard!

    When in Whistler it is only right to relax as hard as you play! Here’s Tash McGill’s story on where to do both…

  6. Whistler gondola thumb

    Whizzing from Whistler to Blackcomb by gondola

    Tash McGill is not what you’d consider a native snowboarder or skier, so was quite relieved that her visit to Whistler was in the summer and no one would be asking her to don snowshoes or a snowboard. Alas a cold snap blew through…

  7. grizzly

    Four cool things to fill a day in Vancouver

    When Tash McGill was invited by Air New Zealand to check out Vancouver, her itinerary took her to all manner of rugged activities. Today she goes from under the sea to the top of the mountain via boats and swing bridges for a sunset ale.

  8. Luggage

    How to pack for a float-plane

    Tash McGill shows you how to pack everything you need for canoeing, kayaking, boating, snow and the odd bit of city walking in Canada into 11kgs, plus other travel tips you’ll want to squirrel away…

  9. VancouverThumb

    Vancouver whets the wine lovers appetite

    Tash McGill dropped everything and headed to Canada for a week. First stop: Vancouver with her tips on where to eat, stay, shop – but most of all drink. After all, she is our Bar Scene Babe!