March 9, 2014

Wellington: have you had crabs?

Tonight I tried Master Chef judge, Simon Gault’s, Crab Shack in Shed 5 on Wellington’s waterfront.

Crab Shack

Chef Geoff Ngan runs the Crab Shack and Shed 5 next door

Crab Shack

This Chilean crab is for getting your hands dirty! And photobombing.

crab shack wellington

Loving the shirts!

Crab shack sangria

I started with this Pomberry sangria – red wine with pomegranate, passionfruit, cranberry, vodka and soda. So so good. $14


Then out rolled the dips and a scoop of mixed shellfish: clams, tua tua, moonshells in white wine, chilli and garlic cream

Clam chowder

Thick clam chowder served in this dinky jar is rich and sublime

soft shell crab

The tempura soft shell crab with wasabi mayonaise was a highlight

Crab Shack Wellington

A kilo of Nelson paddle crab for $30. Roll your sleeves up!

Crab Shack

Crab pots complete the ambience as light shades

The Crab Shack is pumping, coming up to its 1st birthday. You can’t book (unless you’re a group of 10 or more), but tables turn over quickly enough if you want to wait in the bar next to Simon Gault’s Shed 5.


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