November 21, 2013

Pics: What ‘adventure’ means to me

What does ‘adventure’ mean to me?

Well, it’s not what you might expect. You’ll not find me bungy jumping or skydiving and as I have a slipey-slidey phobia you won’t find me snow skiing (I tried it once and was like Bridget Jones) or roller blading. But don’t get me wrong, I’m no nana when I visit far off places.

What you will find me doing is rocking up to strangers for a chat, asking audacious requests of posh people and places (I got an “extreme makeover” from a hair stylist to the stars in West Hollywood) and if I’m in a restaurant on my own I’m not shy, I pull out a notebook and pretend I’m a travel writer.

Here are some of my favourite adventures, from playing the spoons with a busker in Dublin, to parasailing in Australia and helmet diving in Tahiti. I’ve been fishing (it had to go back) in LA and ridden a camel in Oman. From ogling ancient ruins in Greece to having my feet nibbled by fish in a bizarre treatment in KL, I’ve had some amazing adventures!

This is what adventure means to me: doing things that are different from my every day life, pushing myself just a little bit (or a lot!) outside of my comfort zone and having experiences to quite literally write home about.

What does adventure mean to you? Post your comment below 🙂

Tahiti helmet dive

Tahiti: Feeding fish while walking on the ocean floor like a bobble-head doll

Las Vegas machine gun

Las Vegas: This machine gun nearly threw me over and bullet casings landed all around my feet!

Playing spoons Dublin

Ireland: I LOVE playing the spoons and was so thrilled when Hugh the busker let me join in!

Steve Lococo makeover

Hollywood: Remember this guy? Steve Lococo is a stylist to the stars and has appeared on Extreme Makeover – and he worked his magic on me!

Fishing LA

LA: It was this big! Sadly my lingcod had to go back for a swim cos he was too small

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Ireland: Giving the Blarney Stone a bit of a snog

Fish foot spa KL

Malaysia: Not for the ticklish!!

Camel ride Oman

Oman: On the camel train

Temple of Apollo Delphi

Greece: What’s left of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza Mexico: I blame the photographer!


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