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8 reasons to go on a honeymoon cruise

So you’re thinking about your honeymoon and the options are as endless as the confetti in your hair …

But here are 8 reasons why I reckon you should consider a boutique cruise:

Swan towels

If you’re lucky you’ll get a towel display like this! Pic

1)    You travel to exotic destinations every day without having to plan the route, navigate a road, train station or airport, no arguing over wrong turns or driving on the wrong side of the road for these newlyweds

2)    You unpack only once and all the hard work is done for you

3)    You can dine together gazing wistfully into each other’s eyes, or when you get sick of that you can join others onboard, make new friends and plan to visit them in their own countries for your first anniversary

4)    Your 3 to 5-course extravagant meals are included, as is breakfast and lunch in fine dining surrounds, or in a more lower key area like on the deck

5)    Alcohol is included with meals (on Ponant) so you can knock yourselves out (so to speak) and not worry about a final bill that’ll mean you have to apply for a Community Services Card when you get home

6)    You’re not driving (see above)

7)    You can do as little or as much as you like on any given day. Hop off and explore a new city, village or island, or stay onboard behind a book

8)    The gym is included (see point 4)


Here are two really gorgeous cruises that I think you should look at:

Ponant –

Ponant Antarctica

This ship travels the world – including the Antarctic for intrepid honeymooners

I was onboard Ponant’s L’Austral last year from Istanbul to Nice, which regular readers of this blog will know. I travelled with my cousin (not quite a honeymoon), and I can totally recommend this ship, its staff and itineraries. (Ours was a history tour of jaw-dropping ancient sites).

Ponant L'Austral

Dining on the pool deck for lunch, or book here for dinner under the stars

With only 135 cabins it was never crowded and aside from our own balcony suite (all rooms are balcony suites) there were several quiet nooks on three levels that you could find. Inside there are bars, two restaurants, a gym and spa, plus a small theatre where evening performances and day time lectures and other activities were held. The afternoon tea lounge became a jazz piano bar by night and at least once per cruise, the ship’s doctor plays the baby grand.

Add a couple of days either side and this will be a honeymoon that you’ll never forget.

Click here for itineraries and prices on Ponant’s fleet >>>

Windstar –

Windstar yacht

It’s like being on your own private luxury yacht

This is a tall-masted yacht with teak decks and only up to 300 passengers. It’s small enough to get into tiny harbours and coves, but large enough to be luxurious with bars and even a cheeky casino if you feel like flutter.

Lie on a deck chair with the billowing sails overhead and music playing as you cruise the waters of the South Pacific. This yacht is new, chic and totally lavish – so you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re honeymooning like a movie star.

Windstar deck

Sunbathe on the deck at sea, or dip in the jacuzzi under the stars

All meals are included, but only non-alcoholic drinks. I recommend you buy a beverage package before you go (or as soon as you board). There is a gym and you’re also free to use the watersports equipment when the anchor goes down.

Click here for itineraries and prices on the Windstar fleet >>>

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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