March 8, 2013

NZ Bucket List: crayfish on the beach

Ever since I knew that Kaikoura was the Maori word for eating crayfish (kai = food/eat, koura = crayfish/rock lobster for you non kiwi readers) I have wanted to sit on the beach and do just that in this northern Canterbury town. Accompanied by a bottle of local sauvignon blanc of course.

Nin's Bin Kaikoura

Order your cray inside and sit at the picnic table or down on the beach. Magic!

Last week I put that tick on my New Zealand bucket list.

Miriama Nin's Bin

Miriama will whip you up your cray and if you point the Eftpos machine out the door, you can pay on credit

Nin’s Bin is the photogenic caravan that features in all the guide books sitting in a car park on a remote part of the seashore about 15 minutes north of Kaikoura. But in fact there are several stand alone caravans like this and back in town, loads more takeaway shops sell the crustacean.

If you haven’t picked up a cheeky Marlborough sauvignon blanc from one of the many wineries between here and Christchurch – or here and Blenheim if coming the other way, then pop into the bottle store in the surprisingly bustling town of Kaikoura. You can also get a chilled one, which is nicer.

Then head off to see Miriama in Nin’s Bin. Make sure you have some money too because these delicacies from the sea don’t come cheap. Expect to pay what you’d pay at the local fish monger or supermarket. They’re priced on weight/size and range from $60-$90-ish each.

Already precooked, the shell is bright orange and Miriama uses her very practical sword of a knife which is fixed to the wall to slice it in half, pick out the poo pipe and serve it with wedges of lemon either cold or she’ll throw it in a hot wok with garlic butter for an extra $8. I know!

But hey, I figured I’m here now. And how can one put a price on a Bucket List tick?

Nin's Bin crayfish

This is the life!

How to get here? Pick up a Jucy car rental from Christchurch airport and head 2 hours north. Easy!

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