January 19, 2015

5 gross things NOT to do on a plane!

I have sat next to some lovely people in the sky and I have sat next to some not so lovely people. I wrote this post for the NZ Herald as I experienced two of these behaviours from my fellow passengers and I trust you weren’t one of them!

1. The nail clipper

Ugghh! When is it ever okay to take out your nail clippers in the middle of a row of three and start clipping your nails? This happened only last week as I squished myself as far into the window as I could. The offending passenger was made aware of his grossness when the woman on the aisle started flicking her clothes and tutting. Then he gathered them up into a little pile. I’m not sure if looking for the sick bag (to no avail so he pocketed them) made it better or worse.

Gross things on plane

No. This is NEVER acceptable! Pic Flickr/iMorpheous

2. The stink bomb

On the rare and very lucky occasions when I get to turn left and sit in a Business Class seat, I expect to feel a little bit special. What I don’t expect is to spend the entire flight gasping for air against the window because of Mr Armpit who has settled in across the aisle. And yes, he removed his shoes too, but I was more affected by the strenuous effort required to get them off than the blend of fragrances that followed afterward. I wonder if they carry deoderant up the front along with the defibrillator.

Bad passengers

I needed this breathing suit sitting next to the Stink Bomb! Pic Flickr/Kyle Simourd

3. The armrest hog

I once read that the person in the middle has right of way when it comes to armrests and I’ve abided by it ever since. It makes sense because the passengers on either side can lean outward. However, when the Man In The Middle overextends his arm so that his elbow sits permanently under your rib cage, it is definitely not okay. When he moved to get something out of his bag at his feet I wedged my elbow by the side to protect by flubber!

For the other 2 shockers, jump here to my article on the NZ Herald>>>


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