August 14, 2016

My top tips for keeping safe while traveling

Here are my top tips for keeping me and my stuff safe when I travel!


Credit cards for travelling

I’m ready to spend!

•  Travel with two credit cards. I had my credit card skimmed on my last trip to Hong Kong and my bank caught it and stopped my card. It worked out ok for me as I was already home and a new one arrived within a couple of days, but if I was away on a longer trip with a cancelled card, I’d be stuck! (Actually this happened to my husband’s card on our honeymoon, so we were unable to use his for three weeks.) Also, you should never let your credit card out of your sight. There should be no need for the vendor to disappear out the back with your card, because this is where they can easily swipe it through a skimmer and take your details or make a photocopy to do some online shopping later!

•  Take a pic of your passport photo page and keep it on your cell phone. It’s handy if you ever need to email it anywhere (like a travel agent) and also if the worst happens and it is stolen, you have all the details you need to organise a replacement.

•  Take a pic of your luggage. There’s nothing quite as confusing as filling out the “lost luggage” form and having to scan through their photos to try and identify which bag looks similar to yours. If you have a photo stored on your phone, you can just pull that out and either write the details or show the official.

Cell phone security

Load your emergency deets here!

•  If you haven’t yet completed your “Medical ID” on your cell phone, stop reading and do it now! This is essential whether you’re travelling or not. It’s basically information that can be gleaned by any “first responder” to a calamity you might find yourself in whether your phone is locked or not. Fill in your emergency contact name and number, blood type, age and any other pertinent details in the (unlikely) case that you are unable to speak. Also, and less dramatically, it provides a way for someone to contact your next of kin when the phone is locked and you lose your phone.


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