July 23, 2013

The day Dennis Farina made me a cocktail

Dennis Farina

Do you recognise him?

I was sad to read about the passing of Law and Order actor Dennis Farina this week.

I met him once, 10 years ago. Not that I knew who he was at the time as he hadn’t starred in Law and Order at that stage. In fact he had just won the part and was talking about it. Or at least the people he was with were all going on about it. He’d also been in loads of other stuff, but once I saw him on that, I felt a teeny bit famous.

You see Dennis Farina made me a cocktail at Bar Noir in a small boutique hotel in Beverly Hills, Maison 140.

Ironically I was there to write a story for the NZ Herald about stalking celebrities in LA and came away not realising I had. (You can read my story here if you so desire, My other job is acting, darling)

Instead my story was about the barmaid who told me she was an actor, yet didn’t have an agent. But working in that bar frequented by media moguls and Madonna (she’d been there with Guy Ritchie the night before I arrived) was hopefully going to be her break. I hope it was.

Anyhoo, Dennis came in and we were introduced, as by this stage I was hob nobbing with a few of the regulars in this tiny dimly lit nook of the very chic French/Asian inspired hotel.

I’d been fascinated by a huge glass flagon with a tap on it filled with vodka and pieces of ginger resting on the bottom. Homemade ginger-infused vodka. Suddenly Denis was behind the bar to let me have a taste and next thing you know I’m sipping a cocktail made for me by a Hollywood star.

Rest in Peace Dennis. And thanks for the drink.

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