May 29, 2011

Santa Barbara's innovative beggars

If you’re down and out in Santa Barbara – or just need a little extra shopping money, here is a great idea.

For sideshow tricks throw a quarter in the hanging bucket

Set up a little wishing well with a bucket to collect all the coins from gullible pier walkers, entice them with sign on a piece of cardboard saying, Have a go, and sit underneath and watch the money fall out of trees. Well impressed.

"I know it's windy but have a go"

Personally I reckon Santa Barbara, the sunny Californian city just 2 hours drive north of LA, is the prettiest city in America.

It is protected from the hot desert winds by the Santa Ynez mountain range and is actually south facing thanks to its location on a nook of the west coast. That means warm southerly breezes. But aside from the climate, the buildings are pretty much ALL Spanish style. The main street is bursting with flowers and piazzas and fountains and no skyscrapers are seen. Italian restaurants cosy up next to coffee shops (and they know how to make a decent non-Starbucks latte!)

The beach is impossibly wide and the pier hosts little souvenir shops and practical warnings like, do not wear bare feet or stilletos.

No feet allowed

I didn’t actually see any of these entreneurs, but can only image they were sitting under the bridge waiting for money to fall out of the sky.

I heart Santa Barbara!

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