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Always blow on a pie: Air NZ’s kiwiana uniforms

The helpful advice ‘always blow on a pie’ dished out at 3am by a cop to a potential trouble maker has been immortalised by Trelise Cooper.

She has designed a fabric for Air New Zealand’s new uniforms and used the saying in the men’s waistcoats. It looks really cool.

It sits alongside a tiki, a chop on a fork, a cartoon sheep, a ten cent piece, a tuatara and even a penguin – although any reference to the doomed Happy Feet is completely coincidental as it was made last year.

They saying lives on but who can remember the cop who said it? One officer Guy Baldwin, doing his bit for safer communities together.

Every jacket is cut from different parts of the same cloth so some will have their kiwi icons in different places.

The white shirts with pink stripes for the men, however, are wearing through at the cuffs, as the flighty who posed for this photo pointed out. But at least these uniforms function a heck of a lot better than Zambezi’s ones they replaced.

The girls love the pink dresses and with a big wind-around sash attached to the front, they look really cute. Sadly they’re worn with a nana cardy which hides the shape, but I guess if you’re cold what do you do?

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Lindsay Neill

Friday 24th of August 2018

Hi. I am writing a thesis on kiwiana and kiwi identity. As owner of the image of the Air New Zealand waistcoat ...with the kiwiana backing images, I am writing to you to ask permission to use that image in my thesis. My thesis is about meeting a qualification requirement, there is no profit in my work. Would you allow me to use this image please? Best wishes Lindsay Neill


Friday 24th of August 2018

Sure! And thanks for asking. I have just emailed you too. Best of luck with your thesis :D

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