July 5, 2012

Agonising foot massage!

I’m fascinated by the soles of the feet and their connected pressure points to other parts of the body and when I visited Hong Kong I found Happy Foot quite by accident just off Queens Road, so popped in for a session.

Foot diagram

This foot diagram will help you work out what’s wrong with you!

The room was lined with 8 luxurious black leather recliners and footstools waiting for tired and weary feet. Two men were reading magazines while being attended to by young Chinese girls and one man was asleep in the far corner. My masseuse plonked a bowl of warm water down to soak off the heat and humidity, handed me a magazine and placed a cup of Chinese tea on the table beside me. I tried to be nonchalant and read like the others but was far too fascinated with the whole process. I also wanted to know what parts of my feet linked to what parts of my body and kept interrupting him with questions.

Eventually he went off and found me a pair of plastic feet with the pressure points written on them in English so he could work in peace while I studied the little amputated examples and analyse my issues.

He pushed and massaged areas on my feet and ankles and watched my face for signs of pain. He also said I was tired and that I hadn’t been sleeping well. That was true, largely due to the 12-hour flight the night before. Remarkably he ascertained that my shoulders and neck were sore and tight – and I had deliberately presented a poker face. My instep was very painful, pointing to spleen and liver issues, but he diagnosed no problem there although was concerned about my ‘waist’. Apparently my kidneys and lower back need attention – possibly the butt-kneading from the blind massage an hour earlier? (Read about the blind massage here >>>)

As I was following on my little visual aids I wondering what would happen he got to embarrassing spots like uterus, sex organs and urethra. (Those points did actually hurt but I pretended they didn’t.) By the end I thought I should be checking myself into hospital.

A foot massage is quite possibly the most painful experience I’ve ever had, but if you’re a sucker for foot torture, then hunt these guys out. It’s got to be good for you in the end right?

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