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Mud and bubbles at Eco beach, West Australia

Mud and bubbles

While the mud mask dries, cheers!

I was staying at Eco Beach Resort just south of Broome in Western Australia and noticed that a strange item was listed at 5pm.  ‘Mud and bubbles’ and I was to assemble with what turned out to be (thankfully, as I was to discover) an all-female cast of other resort guests plus Jodie, one of the staffers and the originator of this bizarre ‘spa treatment’.

I hoisted myself out of my luxury tent (I’m glamping afterall) jumped into the 4WD and Jodie drove us to a spot way down the deserted beach where whales frolic and sat us in a row on the water’s edge with our right leg disconcertingly extended over our neighbour’s thigh (a great way to meet strangers) to give each other a sand exfoliation as the waves came lapping up. Very s-t-r-a-n-g-e indeed!

But the sand here is actually incredibly fine and I was surprised to find it did the exfoliating trick very well. We swapped legs and repeated the exercise then turned in a conga line to exfoliate each others backs. Once covered in  grit we raced into the sea, had a little swim and washed it off. Part 1 done.

Eco Beach Resort tent

My luxury tent complete with king size bed and en suite!

Back on the beach Jodie poured the bubbles into champagne glasses she’d brought from the resort and we delved into the bucket of mud she had collected from the nearby mangroves at low tide and covered ourselves in a full body mask which turned dry as we drank. Then we hit the ocean again to wash it all off. Part 2 and finish.

I have to say I did think my skin felt great afterwards. Or maybe that was just the bubbles fuddling my sensations.

Glishing: we coined this term when we took bubbles with our handlines down to the river inlet for a spot of fishing. One of our group accidentally hooked a shovelhead shark and what with one hand holding her drink and the other her line, not even a rod, she was being towed into the water amid much shrieking and hilarity. I mean, no one wanted to spill their drink to help rescue her – and the poor shovelhead.

Eco Beach Resort has won several awards for its innovative ecological practices like the 25 solar powered luxury villas dotted along a kilometre of winding recycled boardwalk, and 30 patented safari tents complete with en suites, mesh windows, flushing loos, solar showers and private verandas. You really should check it out!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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