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Qantas ups the ante on its Economy Class meals!

Qantas has announced some big changes to its Economy Class meals – and I mean big. Fifty per cent bigger!

On a path that some think will see the airline become the leaders of international Economy Class dining, Qantas has added more choices to its inflight meal selection and also increased the main meal size by 50% on all flights departing Australia.

You’ll now have three, not two, main meal choices. There’ll be a healthy option, a comfort food option and a meal inspired by the destination.

Feel like you’re in the posh seats!

•  Economy customers will now be able to pre-order their choice online through Select on Q-Eat* before they depart.

•  All Economy passengers will also be offered a welcome drink after take-off from the Bickford’s signature flavours of Lemon & Elderflower, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate & Blueberry.

•  Throughout the flight there will now be self-serve snacks and refreshments, and the meals will also be served directly to your seat on plates instead of those nasty trays so you have more space. The crew will also be more interactive and clearing faster so that means less time trapped in your seat when you’re finished and sooner to the loo or your bag to get your head pillow out.

*What is Select on Q-Eat?

Select on Q-Eat is popular with Business and Premium Economy customers, and now it’s being extended into Economy progressively from March 2015. It’s where you can pre-order your meals online before departure AND you’ll have a 4th dish made available which won’t be available onboard if you haven’t pre-ordered.

You can order (and change) your meal via Manage Your Booking on from 7 days to 12 hours before flights departing from Australia.

Here’s a few pics of the new meals to make you drool!

Qantas Economy meal

Spiced lamb koftas with tomato, Riverina feta and roast potatoes

Qantas economy meal

Honey roasted chicken farro salad and seasonal vegetables with pumpkin

Qantas economy meal

Barramundi poached in a lightly spiced coconut sauce with noodles, sugar snaps, choy sum and chilli

Qantas meal

Barramundi curry with green beans and rice


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