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Shocking items confiscated at airports

I hate the whole palaver of x-ray and screening at departure gates as much as you do. It gets me all stressy trying not to hold things up while I strip down, work out whether this is a shoes-off or shoes-on airport, remove beepy bangles and haul my laptop out of my cabin luggage while juggling four trays, including my baggy of lip glosses.

But I follow the TSA (Transport Security Administration) blog and have some sympathy for the guys and girls who are charged with ensuring we all have a safe flight.

Here are some of the recent confiscations at airports across the US. Quite mind boggling!

TSA guns

Note 83% of guns found in carry on luggage were loaded!

Guns at airports

A selection of the 2212 guns confiscated by TSA staff at airports in 2014.

Alarm clock bomb

This “hilarious” novelty clock was discovered on its way from Kansas City.

TSA airport grenades

Over 140 inert or novelty hand grenades were discovered last year

Knife hidden TSA

No this isn’t as grisly as it looks, it’s a knife hidden in an enchilada at Sonoma. But you gotta ask yourself what on earth the owner was planning?

Pocket knives on planes

These are just wrong. Knives hidden in combs, walking sticks and even a key!

TSA knives

No, you’re not allowed to carry throwing knives or stars in your hand luggage.

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