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Sydney: the incredible fly-in Berowra degustation

The most decadent experience I’ve ever had in Sydney was taking a sea plane from Rose Bay over Manly, past the northern beaches to an iconic restaurant on the edge of the Hawkesbury River.

Berowra Waters Inn

Berowra Waters Inn is accessible only by sea plane or boat and I quickly forgave the PR guy for asking my weight when I found out why he needed it. I was one of 9 (the solo table) who boarded the tiny aircraft on skis and zoomed off from the Sydney harbour – with a little buzz over the Harbour Bridge.

Make sure you come hungry because you’ll need an appetite and about 3 hours of chit chat up your sleeve.


Flying over Manly. Don’t worry about the dangly strap, that’s to secure the propeller with a rope when we land.

30 minutes later and we come scooting around the Hawkesbury River with Sydney Sea Planes

Berowra Waters Inn

When we pulled up at Berowra Waters Inn the maitre’ d came out in the boat to fetch us

Berowra Waters Inn

River views from wherever you sit

And we’re off! My 9-course degustation is about to begin.

Berowra Inn lunch

Seafood mousse with roe at the bottom that was so light it simply disappeared in my mouth. Those are 2 cheeky fried oysters on the side. My tip for chefs is not too much fried food when you have 9 courses to serve…

Course 2:

Berowra Waters lunch

Sashimi salmon with a teeny poached quail egg and an edible flower. Delicious and perfectly balanced.

Course 3:

Berowra Waters lunch

I didn’t catch the type of fish this was, but I did appreciate that powdered brown butter scattered around the plate! Love the crispy skin.

Course 4:

Berowra Waters lunch

Next we were served razor clam and mud crabs wrapped in spaghetti and served in a razor clam shell. This was my favourite on taste and texture but the spag was unnecessary and filled me up too much.

Course 5:

Berowra Waters lunch

Seared scallops with a tiny piece of pork belly. A spiced tomato sauce was poured over the greens at my table

Berowra Waters Inn

Then the 3rd seaplane pulled in since I’ve been sitting here bringing couples and groups for this extravagant lunch

Course 6:

Berowra Waters lunch

I’m fit to pop when these roast quail legs with roasted garlic, pureed black garlic, toasted nuts and celeriac puree comes out

Course 7:

Berowra Waters lunch

Wagyu sirloin with oxtail fried in little wraps. It’s served with Jerusalem artichoke 3 ways: fondant, pureed and as chips. The deep fried oxtail on course 7 was too much, she says “having” to eat it all!

Course 8:

Berowra Waters lunch

Fortunately there’s always a little bit of room left in the pudding stomach for cherries, berries, candied meringue with a boozy sorbet. Oh yes.

Course 9:

Berowra Waters lunch

Like a child of the Depression era scolded for not finishing my lunch, I’m determined not to be beaten… FINALLY it’s poached white peach, blood peach and peach mousse with sorbet and crushed chocky biscuit.

And we’re done!

Berowra Waters Inn was closed for a time last year and has reopened with a new head chef and new menu, but the same fly-in or boat-in lunch or dinner concept. It’s a popular place for marriage proposals, outside on the balcony or right there at the table. Awww.

Berowra Waters proposal

Tip: potential fiance’s this is the spot for your proposal!

Cost: $175 or $250 including wine matching

Including a flight from Sydney’s Rose Bay $585, and add $75 for the wine.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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