April 24, 2017

My top tips for solo travel

It takes time to get used to travelling alone, eating alone, going to a show or a movie alone. I remember when my mother would say she’d had a coffee and a muffin in a cafe on her own, my eyes would tear up. Today, I love eating and shopping alone! I even love staying in hotels alone (don’t tell my husband). I quite like being the boss of me.

But I’ve learned some tips for faking it till you make it over the last few years of travelling alone for work, meeting strangers and navigating my way around foreign places, and some tips for keeping you and your property safe…

Megan logoWhen dining out

•  If you feel as conspicuous as a jilted bride dining in a restaurant alone, take a notepad and pen and look like a travel writer. Or a novellist. Or a food critic (I’m not sure if food critics make themselves so obvious).

•  Or take your smartphone and even if you don’t have WiFi, just play scrabble on it. If you do have WiFi then lose yourself in social media and news sites until the waitress comes. That way you’ll look important… 😉

•  Sit at the restaurant bar to eat if it’s crowded as people are always keen to talk there – even if it’s just the barman!

When out and about

•  Pretend to be talking on your phone when walking back to your hotel at night. It should act as a deterrent for bag snatchers and other thugs.

•  If English isn’t the first language (or even if it is!) I find having a business card from my hotel in the local language is handy for taxi drivers trying to drop me home.

•  In busy places like markets, zip your handbag closed (you knew that, right? It’s just that I never usually close mine!) and squish it firmly under your armpit. A diagonal shoulder strap is ideal.

•  Take 2 credit cards and keep them separately. If you lose one or even if it gets stopped by your bank (happened twice to me last year) you don’t want to be stranded!

•  Keep a copy of your passport photo page on your phone.

•  Photograph your luggage lest you need to describe it on a claim form at some airport.

• Fill out medical/emergency info app on your iphone.

•  Most of all, be curious! Talk to people and enjoy yourself 🙂


Market safety

Don’t carry your bags on your back!


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