June 17, 2009

Another hot Tanning Butler lands in Miami

If you thought the Ritz-Carlton South Beach Miami was already sizzling with the 2 hunky Tanning Butlers they have slathering toned and tanned bods in sunscreen, check out their latest offering:

Ben Becker miami

Ben Becker makes sure you don’t get burnt

Hottie Ben Becker is a 28 year old model from Wichita, Kansas who’s been all over the US press in the last 5 years. Blessed with the ability to make a living modelling (read good looks and a zoolander gait) he moved to Miami to model full time.

He struts his stuff in runway shows and TV ads for the likes of Miller Light, Corona, Royal Caribbean, Toyota, Roberto Cavalli, Ted Baker. Then he was head-hunted (or picked out of 100s of hopefuls) by the Ritz-Carlton South Beach (nice job) to replace their former Tanning Butler 3 months ago.

Ben at work

Ben at work

When Ben’s not patrolling the pool deck and beach with his leather tool belt armed with SPF sunscreen making sure your sun tanning needs are taken care of, he is modeling, working out, playing guitar and spending time with friends enjoying South Beach’s nightlife, goes the blurb.

He also wears the hotel’s ambassador hat so can let you know where the great restaurants, bars and lounges are.

Whether or not he takes a posse of bikini-clad sun tanners (groupies) with him however, is not mentioned.

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