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Faces of Mexico

I’ve had fun photographing faces while I’m here in Mexico. From people to statues and amazing animals. Which one is your fave? Let me know in the comments below or better yet, Tweet your answer to your followers! 🙂

Mayan woman

1. This Mayan lady is 90 and sells hand embroidered handkerchiefs at Chichen Itza for $1

Faces of Mexico 11

2. Juan sold me this obsidian rock pendant which has hues of iridescent gold in it when I turn it. He told me on a full moon if I put it in a glass of water it’d give me energy. That sounded more convincing when he said it!

Faces of Mexico 10

3. This face is carved into the Temple of the Frescos at Tulum, Cancun

Faces of Mexico 8

4. You’ll find the Virgin Mary everywhere! Inside churches and standing watch from the side of roads. Mexico has the 2nd highest number of Catholics behind Brazil.

Faces of Mexico 1

5. 85c is what I paid for coffee out of a large thermos on the back of his food truck. Well, when you need your fix…

Faces of Mexico 2

6. When I saw my first iguana I stopped my guide talking and made him wait while I took pics. Now I realise they’re common after I have seen about 100!

Faces of Mexico 7

7. I couldn’t resist this “face of Mexico” at Cabo San Lucas. It’s the mascot of fast food chain Senor Frog’s.

Faces of Mexico 3

8. Can you see it?!

Faces of Mexico 4

9. These guys were desperate for a pic and posed for ages. This seal colony is off the coast of La Paz.

Faces of Mexico 6

10. This guy washed up on the beach at Espirito Santos and he looks evil!

Faces of Mexico 5

11. Cue Blazing Saddles music… these steer heads are on display at the ATV and horse riding company

Mexico rubbish bins

12. You put your rubbish in these faces!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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