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I wrote a children’s book!

Exciting news, we’re now on Kindle!

They told us to pivot. Rethink your business, they said, to those of us affected by Coronavirus. So being a travel blogger with no where to travel to, I did just that – embraced the pivot and wrote a story about it.

Well not a story about the pivot, because I’m not a life coach, but about the Coronavirus. A story for 2-6 year olds about living in lockdown.

The newly illustrated cover of Lucy Lou beats the Coronavirus
The newly illustrated cover of Lucy Lou beats the Coronavirus

It started as a little rhyme in my head originally for my (great) nephew and niece (the ‘great’ is in brackets because I like to pretend I’m not that old). But originally it was for Albie and Gussie – who were feeling a bit fussy. It featured their parents, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law and some other rellies.

It’s about a family living in their self-isolation bubble and going on a social-distancing walk with each family member including the dog. It was a big bubble. Then they come upon Coronavirus, the meanest germ of all, sitting on a park bench and everyone springs into action to get rid of it once and for all.

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Lucy Lou Beats the Coronavi...Shop on Amazon

In the original version I just used free images downloaded from Pixabay, set it up as a 12-page book and emailed it to them. Then I was commissioned by a friend to write one for her new grand daughter named Lucy Lou (who had things to do) – and mummy and daddy, and two sets of grandparents and two aunts. Then one for Mali Moo and her huge family with a new baby that suddenly arrived during lockdown (baby Mia who was suddenly here!). Then another friend commissioned one for baby Axel (sitting in a satchel) and his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins, then along came baby Vivie (wearing a skivvy) and I got to thinking…

Inside pages of Lucy Lou beats the Coronavirus

The story is a time capsule. It’s about the families all over the world who were locked down during the pandemic of 2020, so I wrote a new one called Lucy Lou beats the Coronavirus with Lucy Lou (because it’s cute!), baby Liam and big brother Jake, their dog, their parents and their grandparents off for a social-distancing walk, coming upon the virus and what they all did to get rid of it.

Inside pages of Lucy Lou beats the Coronavirus

I paid an illustrator who created the images to go with the actions, then I typeset the book myself (I used to be a graphic designer in a former life) and sold it as a downloadable pdf online for NZ$6.99 with $2 going to local charities.

But it soon became clear that people wanted a physical book, that reading it on an iPad or laptop was not as fun as opening the pages of a book in bed.

If you’re in New Zealand you can buy the paperback Lucy Lou beats the Coronavirus for shipping NZ-wide buy clicking on the link below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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