April 7, 2014

5 reasons to visit Wellington

With the arrival of the young royal family, kicking off their first official tour as a threesome, Wellington is ready and waiting.

Here are 5 cool things to do in the capital city:

Without the cumbersome responsibility of a car, it was a fly-in, walk-about, fly-out weekend, and my mission was to stick within 10 minutes of Cuba Street.

Cuba Street Wellington

Cuba Street is largely responsible for the ‘capital of cool’ moniker

Laundry on Cuba

In a former laundromat on Cuba Street, Matt whipped up his signature cocktail. He was originally served it on Johnny Depp’s boat, he told me. What he was doing on the boat he didn’t say, but the cocktail was a moreish mix of Mt Gay Rum, ginger beer and freshly squeezed lemons with a dash of lime cordial. There are no coin-operated washing machines (which would be a cool touch) but this place has more of a 1970s-era kiwi dining room/bach vibe.


Tucked between industrial apartments and hotels on Wigan Street, are two original wooden villas – home to a bar on one side of the narrow entrance and a tapas restaurant on the other.

If you hadn’t heard from a local, you’d never know it was here, and certainly not how good it is. Start your evening here, or stay all night, dining on small plates while being witty and fascinating.

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