April 29, 2017

Save $40 on your next hotel booking!

If you are heading away on holiday or perhaps you just fancy heading away on holiday, I have an amazing offer to make it even easier…

I’m so excited to be able to partner with huge worldwide accommodation booking site Booking.com to offer you NZ$40 (€25) off your next booking ANYWHERE in the world for bookings over $80!

I’m already a fan of Booking.com and use it to browse and book properties all the time, after all they have 1.2 million accommodations so you name it and they’ll have it.

So you can imagine how my eyes lit up when they called and said, “we’re running a campaign and want to offer your readers a discount, you want in?” They’d barely finished speaking before I shouted YES, and here we are.

There are no strings at all, you just jump into their website using my unique link and if you spend over NZ$80 you’ll get a discount of NZ$40 (which equates to about €25, or the local equivalent in your currency) which will be credited back to your card when you’ve stayed and boom, you’re away laughing!

If you’re itching to pack your bags, click here to Booking.com and enjoy a little treat 🙂

Santorini luxury hotel

Imagine yourself here in Santorini…. Pic Shutterstock/Olga Gavrilova


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