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Photo blog: have a good look at Mildura

Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to trek up to Victoria’s Mildura at the border of NSW and Victoria!

Mungo National Park
Mungo National Park
Learning about the seasons from an Aboriginal elder
Harry Nanya Tours
Graham Clarke took us out to Mungo National Park desert
Rain coming to Mungo
Looks like rain in the desert!
This man is smart: Aussie flies!
Picnic in Mungo National Park
Picnic in the desert
Driving into Mungo National Park
Heading into the Mungo desert
Megan and cameraman in Mildura
On location in Mildura
Megan standing under grape vines Mildura
This is wine and raisin country!
raisin racks mildura
Raisins drying in the sun in Sunrasia Country
What do you call that? Rissoles darl!
Flying over Mildura
Flying over Mildura
Mildura salt lake
The pink salt lake of Mildura
Mildura pink salt mine
Mildura pink salt mine
Fergie monument
The Ferguson tractor monument
Murray River houseboat at Trentham Estate
Take a houseboat on the Murray River and stop here at Trentham Estate for lunch
Pork belly in Mildura
I ate well in Mildura!
dining in mildura
A delicious lunch platter at Trentham
Mildura town
Downtown Mildura
Varapodio oil tasting Mildura
Taste fresh olive oils at Varapodio

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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