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Photo shoot: Cuba

Ahh Cuba, so quaint to visit, so hard to live in. A land where tourists take photos around every picturesque corner and the locals can only hope for a regime change so they too can experience the world like we can…

Taxi in Cuba

One of the best things you can do is rent a taxi for a couple of hours and get the driver to show you around

I spent a weekend in Havana, Cuba a few years ago and this is the amazing scene that played out before me…

Train Havana Cuba

There’s all sorts of modes of transport to get around Havana

Cuba Chevy

Because these 1950s and 60s Chevys are not all that reliable!

Cuba car and soccer

I love this photo the most with the soccer game in the background

Baseball Cuba style

If not soccer then baseball on the streets of Havana


I just happened upon this little lad waiting for his dad

Cuba graffiti

Patriotic graffiti in a jungle park

Cuba apartment

Apartment living is not as salubrious as is could be

Old Havana

Make sure you visit Old Havana, the original part of the city


Wander the narrow streets past bars blaring local music to try the best mojito in town

El Floridita

This bronze of Ernest Hemingway is at El Floridita, a 100 year old credited for inventing the frozen daiquiri – and where Hemingway hung out on a daily basis

Art shop

Che fans are everywhere. This guy is selling art and souvenirs

Cigar lady

Just about every tourist to Cuba has taken a pic of this lady with the stogie – it’s how she earns her living

Cuban street

The streets of Havana during siesta

Havana sea front

Havana sits on the sea front and fish is plentiful here

Cuba flags

The ‘American Interesting Office’ is their embassy, I was told. The flags out the front represent each Cuban who died trying to reach Florida as refugees

Cuba George Bush billboard

And across the road are these billboards explaining just how they feel about the Americans!

Cuba billboard

What the…?!

Che Guevara

Che Guevara is their hero


The entry to the Partagas cigar factory where you can watch them being hand rolled – and buy some!

Guitar man

Music is everywhere inside and out

Cigar men

These two are also earning money from tourists taking their photos, but at $1 how could you walk past??


This walkway had kids playing ball games and older people telling yarns while music blared from surrounding houses

Street scene

The scene beside the walkway. I just love all the action in this photo – it’s like a movie set!


My two favourite ladies 🙂


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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