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Sawdust spa in Taiwan

I never knew that getting buried during my sawdust spa experience in Taiwan could be so relaxing. Taiwan has over 100 hot springs and is promoting itself as a bit of a spa spot, which you may know if you read my previous story about the worst massage I’ve ever had in my life!

But they’re not all terrible. They run from soaking in hot pools to painful foot massages at night markets to decadent hot rocks massages at luxurious resorts. But for something completely weird that you won’t find at home, try Being Spa in Taipei for a Hinoki Enzyme Bath.

What is Hinoki Enzyme Bath?

Hinoki Enzyme Bath is a unique spa treatment that originates from Japan and is now available in various places, including Taiwan. The name may sound exotic but don’t be fooled. This isn’t one of those luxurious treatments like the Gaia Retreat and Spa.

This one is no bath of warm water in which you wallow with petals floating around. Instead, you don a pair of brown cotton pyjamas with a hoodie and are taken through to a giant sandpit full of steaming sawdust.

A man using a tool to bury my body with sawdust during my sawdust spa in Taiwan.
Being covered for the sweat fest

How sawdust spa is prepared

Yes, a sawdust spa! And you should probably know what’s coming next. A nice man with a shovel will dig you a grave, and there you lie – with your colleagues lined up on either side.

You’ll be covered over with just your head poking out and an eye mask on. While the pit isn’t heated, the cypress sawdust is composting and MAN it’s hot!

Getting out of the sawdust after getting buried while wearing a suit.
Time to get out!

After 15 minutes of sweating – and trying to relax – you burrow out. Your toxins are released, and you feel remarkably invigorated as if you’ve just completed a workout. Then, it’s time to head to the showers, peel off the composty suit, and fully enjoy the soothing soak.

Is it worth it? I’d say only if you want something to write home about.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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