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4 things to do in Beijing

I’m here in Beijing China, hosting a group of 18 people!

We landed at 4.30am after a 12-hour flight from New Zealand, but by the time we got through the airport customs and baggage and out to meet our guide and get on the bus it was about 7am. Traffic was busy. First stop, hotel for brekkie and to shower and change, then off to start our exploration of Beijing.

We only had two nights and days, so we managed to go to the Juyongguan section of the Great Wall of China.

The next day we visited the Temple of Heaven, Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Here are our three days in Beijing in photos and some tips for Beijing that you might need to know.

Walk on the Great Wall

Standing on the Great Wall of China
Not looking too shabby after a 12+ hour flight from New Zealand!
Climbing the Great Wall of China steps
Sone of the steps are three bricks high. Great for the thigh lunges! The iron railing is a god-send
Great wall of china from Juyongguan
The Great Wall of China is over 21,000km long (13,170 miles)
Tower 8 of Great Wall of China
Heading up to Tower 8
Walking poles on the great wall of china
Walking poles are a good idea!
TICK on my bucket list!
I brought my sister Pip to help me host this tour!

Visit the Temple of Heaven

Check out this old dude flinging around the bars in the park outside the Temple of Heaven where hundreds of people gather each day to work out on the fitness equipment!

Back in Beijing and we walked through the Temple of Heaven park where locals play cards, dominoes and gather together for knitting and gossip
My Blogger at Large tour on the stairway to the Temple of Heaven, Beijing!
The 500-year old temple
Too cute! These kids roared with laughter when we shouted ni hao (hello in Chinese)

Walk through Tian’anmen Square

This is Chairman Mao’s mausoleum (below) in Tian’enman Square. People wait in line up to 3 hours to have a few seconds walking around his body. We left them to it and wandered towards the Forbidden City.

Tian'enmen Square Beijing
Entering Forbidden city Beijing
At the other end of Tian’enmen Square is the Forbidden City. This is the line to get in. The speaker on the ground was roaring instructions in Chinese!

Go inside the Forbidden City

Inside the Forbidden City, Beijing
Inside the Forbidden City
photos inside the buildings in the Forbidden City
The hordes line up for photos inside the buildings in the Forbidden City
A temple inside the Forbidden City
Exiting the Forbidden City through the Gate of Divine Prowess

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Sandra Sanson

Friday 25th of October 2019

We would be keen on trio to China my hubby Doug & I

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