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Take a photography tour in Dublin

If you’re a budding photographer or a keen amateur, as I like to describe myself, then taking a photography class among the sights of a foreign city is probably the best way you can learn some new skills.

Grafton Street buskers Dublin
This little dot was waving to the guys when they all leaned forward as one and she gasped “let me take a photo!” Priceless

I joined professional photographer Darren McLoughlin in Dublin who runs half day and full day photography tours.

After emailing before I arrived, explaining what I’d like to do better (namely photograph people and try to capture the vibe of a place) and sending him the specs of my camera and some links to my photo blogs so he could get a handle on what level I was at, we met outside a cafe on busy Grafton Street – the hub of Dublin’s shopping district.

Grafton St Dublin
Busy Grafton Street

He thought we’d photograph some buskers, so off we set down busy Grafton Street to capture some of the vibe – and I learned about the power of a close up.

Here is the classic shot of some weird looking guy earning a euro by posing for pics…

Grafton street dublin

But then Darren suggested I use his reflective glasses to look at the scene in a different way…

Dublin buskers

I never would have noticed this if Darren hadn’t directed me. Now I’m addicted to reflections and close ups!

Guitar busker outside Bewleys
Getting into the face of a street musician is a bit awkward, but the result worth it!

Those black painted mimes that bowed whenever a coin was put in their bucket at the top of this post look much more dramatic below than in the 1st pic with the toddler. Although that toddler taking their pic was gold!

Also consider the colour. There is very little definition in the wide angle pic as they are all black, but nice and tight and their features pop.

Black mimes Dublin

This little angel (below) was part of a musical family performing together. It was hard to capture them in a way that was really special, but I do like her face.

Violin busker Dublin

I pushed my way through the crowd and actually, no one notices anyway, to capture this guitarist. I could crop this closer but have left it to show a wider scene. Cropping is a very useful tool to eliminate waffle!

Guitar busker Dublin

My mate the clown was happy to spin his plates while I crouched down to cut out any buildings behind him and just get the sky…

Clown busking in Dublin

Then we found this delightful harpist. I love her background and tried to get the shape of the door but sacrificed the entire harp…

Dublin harpist

And finally we looked at architecture and this monument with its statues. This first pic is to show you the bigger scene…

Dublin monument

And then I played around with close ups…

Angel statue Dublin
I just love her!

I had a fabulous two hours (Darren’s courses are usually 4-5 hours but I was pressed for time). He’ll take you anywhere you’d like to go, scenery, architecture, beaches, dusk and tours outside Dublin too. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Stand by for better pics from now on this website!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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