September 5, 2015

Life hacks: how to stop thigh chafing in humid countries

Ok, this is a personal post for the girls and the answer is simple…

How to stop chafing between the thighs in humid climates!



This post is about the secret subject of sweating and chafing in hot and humid climates and what you can do about it to make your day more comfortable – and less embarrassing!

You know that feeling of sweat rolling down your spine, or the burning of your thighs as they try and unstick themselves with every step? Or the wet underwire at the end of the day? I have the solution.

It’s a bit of a departure from my usual travel blogging I know, but since I’m in Hong Kong where it’s 32˚C as I type (about 90˚F) with humidity off the charts, I thought I’d share one of the best tips I’ve ever learned and have been employing for years: antiperspirant deodorant.

This is a girl’s best friend! Truly, even your BFF will trade you for this.

skinny legs in skirt

This girl has no use for this post! #thighgap

But the key is application. Antiperspirant deodorant is just that, it stops (or lessens) your sweating. So yes, slather it under your armpits, but also (and this is where we lower our voices and talk in a hushed whisper) roll it everywhere you sweat. Under your boobs, down your spine, over your inner thighs (this is just between us, right?)

And here’s another astounding fact: if you’re not one of those girls blessed with a thigh gap (like the skinny mini above), you can still wear skirts without tights with this technique! Even in 30˚+ days with a million percent humidity, you’ll not chafe and you will wear a smile with your floaty skirt.

There, now go try it and send me a wink if this life hack has saved your day “)

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Reader tip: this also works on feet!

Little warning: I find if I do this every day for a few days I can get itchy as the skin we’re talking about is delicate. You may want to experiment with various brands to find the best one for you. I did like Dove, but have now moved onto Nivea roll on antiperspirant and that seems fine to use every day for about a week at a time.

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  1. Rachelle on

    A friend who lives in Florida told me of this hack while on vacation in the Bahamas, what a life saver, no more burning thighs! Will have to try down the spine.


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