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When is the best time to visit Thailand?

If you have a trip to Thailand on your mind but you’re wondering when is the best time to go, this post will help you decide.

But when to visit Thailand is not an easy question to answer! You see it all depends on what you want to go to Thailand for… beaches, shopping, spas, luxuriating in a resort, hiking, backpacking, or a road trip. You might be stopping over or you might have 2 weeks in Thailand and need to avoid the rains.

Thailand long boats

Peak season in Thailand

If you want the best weather, avoiding the rainy season and not passing out due to the heat and humidity, then you need to go to Thailand in the peak season between November and March – sadly when hotels are at their most expensive.

But if saving a few baht is not your main priority (and for most of us, we’d rather be there in the most comfortable season) then you should be looking at heading over between May to August. Humidity won’t be quite as high, but it is still warm.

Temperatures in Bangkok average a balmy 32˚C and in the north it drops lower overnight. But book in advance as every traveller with their sights set on Thailand is looking at this time of year too.

Songkran Thailand
Getting soaked during Songkran. Pic from

But wait what about April?!

April is hot, but is a great month to go to experience the crazy Songkran festival where the locals soak each other in water fights as they celebrate the new year.

In spite of the hilarity, Songkran is a ceremonial event meant to cleanse them from the bad luck of the year that is finished and washing them in preparation for the new.

Warning: if you don’t want to get wet then stay indoors all day! April is also a month before the official hot rainy season starts.

Rainy season

May to August is more pleasant than the peak of the rainy season which is more like September and October. But the humidity will be rising – an excuse to enjoy the respite of shopping malls and hotels.

Temperatures will be around 35˚C with a rain storm that will last a couple of hours late afternoon.

What’s great about this time is the lack of crowds, cheaper hotel rates and actually it’s quite a relaxing time to be here. You can also expect a few sunny days which are a nice bonus.

Thailand rainy season
Capturing a unique perspective in the rain! Pic Flickr/Bart Hiddink

Low season in Thailand

I’d probably avoid September and October – unless I was on the bones of my bum and wanted a cheap holiday! It is wet and humidity is really high.

Thai girl at temple
I came across this little cutie at one of the temples

The affordable shoulder season

When we come out of the rains, the humidity begins to fall and before the peak season prices kick in and the throng of tourists arrive, November and December is great.

Expect some sunny blue sky days, more space and good deals on hotel prices.

My pick for the best time to visit Thailand is November and December!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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