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LA: a fab dinner at the Sunset Marquis

Sunset Marquis Cavatina restaurant

For an elegant evening in West Hollywood rubbing shoulders with celebs and travellers, you’ll love the music-inspired Sunset Marquis Hotel.

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  1. Bad passengers

    5 gross things NOT to do on a plane!

    I have sat next to some lovely people in the sky and some not so lovely ones. Here’s what some of the latter get up to…

  2. Paris marathon

    The best marathons in 2015

    If your goal is to run the New York Marathon or the Paris or even the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica (plus a few more) in 2015 then here are all the links you need…

  3. Tahiti poisson cru

    5 yummy recipes I’ve gleaned around the world

    I love to travel and I love to learn how to make food unique to a destination. Here are 5 yummy recipes I’ve picked up – and fiddled with – from my travels

  4. Qantas economy meal

    Qantas ups the ante on its Economy Class meals!

    Qantas adds larger, mouth-watering meals to Economy Class and offers all passengers the ability to pre-order their meals online. Here’s what’s happening…

  5. NewOrleans

    USA: the music road trip from Nashville to New Orleans

    How to spend 10 days on a road trip from Nashville to Memphis and New Orleans. This post covers where we stayed and what we did in each place on our “Music Tour”.

  6. Spanish Mission, Santa Barbara

    Drive the Pacific Coast Hwy from LA to San Francisco!

    This is the story for those who want to drive this iconic road but can’t be bothered figuring out where to stop, shop and stay. The no-brainer PCH itinerary of 5 glorious days from LA to San Francisco…

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