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The underground tour of Seattle

Underground Tour Seattle

Did you know Seattle virtually burnt to the ground and was rebuilt on top of its former buildings? Me neither. I took an underground tour and widened my horizons…

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  1. Motuarohia Island thumb

    Bay of Islands walking weekend: a yacht & a pair of hiking boots

    Take a hike in the Bay of Islands! I donned my boots and explored some of New Zealand’s most pristine islands. A breathtaking (and sometimes breathless) experience!

  2. Dreamliner selfie

    I was on the delivery flight of the world’s 1st Dreamliner 787-9!

    What an awesome opportunity to takeoff from the Boeing Factory in Everett, Seattle and fly 14 hours to Auckland on the 787-9 maiden flight! Here’s my photo blog showing loads of cool features…

  3. Air NZ at Boeing

    Air New Zealand’s new Dreamliner gets dressed

    Watch this 2-minute video as 12 painters slap 350 litres of black paint on the new Dreamliner 787-9

  4. Boeing Factory tour

    A sneak peek INSIDE the Boeing Factory, Seattle

    I’ve just returned from Seattle on the inaugural Dreamliner 787-9 where I toured the Boeing Factory. I was also allowed my camera so here is my photo blog inside the factory!

  5. Fake reviews

    How to spot a fake hotel review

    I learned my lesson the hard way after getting sucked in by fake positive reviews on a website. Here are some tips to watch out for lest you fall into the same honey trap…

  6. How to avoid a DVT

    How to avoid getting a DVT on a flight

    In very rare cases people can get a blood clot in their deep leg veins while flying. Here are some tips on who is at risk and how to avoid them…

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