June 15, 2015

Where to shop in Macau

I was on a 4-night whistle-stop visit to Macau taking in the amazing food scene, walking around the OUTSIDE of the Macau Tower (yes) and immersing myself into this fascinating piece of China with it’s heavy Portuguese influence.

I’ve written posts about reasons to stopover in Macau instead of Hong Kong next time you’re passing through, food to try and places to go to try them, but I managed also to slip away from my guide for a few hours here and there and check out the shopping scene too.

Senado Macau

A great meeting spot: the fountain at Senado Square

Senado Square

In the heart of the old part of town is the famous brick streets that Macau is famous for. Senado Square and the little side streets that run off it is busy with shoppers, locals and tourists. The pedestrianised road twists and turns from the fountain square up to the ruins of St Pauls lined with brands like Nine West, Lancome and a bunch of clothing brands, shoe shops, street eateries. Fabric stores, tea shops and antiques will keep the curious shopper entertained for hours.

Senado Square Macau

The cobblestoned streets around Senado Square

The huge hotels all having shops, but my favourite was the Venetian, although in fairness I didn’t have time to shop in them all!

Venetian Shoppes

The Venetian Hotel is a (larger) replica of the Venetian in Las Vegas. A river runs through it – on the 3rd floor! Gondaliers paddle passengers along the canals while everyone stands alongside and takes photos. But it’s the shopping that I loved most. You’ll wander around a veritable maze of “streets” where the sky is painted on the ceiling, cobblestones pave the floor and shop front facades are like individual buildings.

Click here for the full directory of shops, and allow a good few hours!

Venetian shops Macau

I loved shopping here at the Venetian

Venetian shoppes Macau

Yes that sky is fake!

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For more info on Macau – where to stay and what to do – visit the Macau Tourism website

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