March 22, 2010

Sexiest hotels in Europe

Whether this is the defining list or not, I can’t confirm as sexiness quite possibly has something to do with the person you’re with. However, Tripadvisor’s many thousand voters have nominated these hotels as the sexiest in Europe and I figured you’d want to book immediately:

Flying bed at Propeller Hotel

Berlin: Propeller Island City Lodge. Famous for its sexy rooms apparently, including this one where the bed appears to by flying!

Rome: Suite Sistina. Even the first website pic is sexy with a couple spooning under messed up sheets. You can also get intimate dinners in your room. Antique mosaics, modern furniture, close to all the romantic Roman attractions…

London: The Hempel. How about a night in the Lioness Den where the bed is hanging from the ceiling by metal bars and tealight candles are all around it?

Amsterdam: Black Tulip. Famous for its Lust Rooms and ‘fun equipment’. Although it’s going to be closed from March 31 for rennovations and it looks like the current owners are moving on.

Prague: Buddha Bar. The 1st Buddha Bar Hotel is now open. Check out the sexy whispery song on the website and pics of Asian opulence.

They also voted the Arts Hotel in Barcelona, but I don’t reckon it’s that sexy…

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