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How can we help India?

Are you asking how you can help India?

This post is a departure from my normal broadcasting, but is one of the most important posts I’ve ever written. I’m sure you’re like me and are watching the news of the many hundreds of thousands of infections and thousands of daily deaths from Covid-19 in India and are broken hearted.

The scale of the problem just seems insurmountable. But there is a way to help. Just a small way, but if we can save a few lives, it will be worth it. I have a personal contact in India and we’re trying to support him to help those around him.

You can help! Keep reading…

I have been working with a web developer in India for a couple of years now. Aamir Faiz and his brothers live in Bhopal, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. They specialise in WordPress websites and work with bloggers all over the world. He came highly recommended initially to help me increase my page speed on this site (which is a crucial Google measurement). It worked immediately.

Aamir Faiz

I then asked him to do some development work on my site and he’s now my main developer, going above and beyond to get it right and help me brainstorm and trouble shoot the things I want to do here.

We became Facebook friends and through that glimpse into his life I saw more of what he does in his spare time – which involves not just a motorbike he’s very proud of (!), but a huge emphasis on philanthropic work that he does with his brothers and group of friends.

So when I saw his Facebook posts asking for prayers for the dying and updating his friends on the dire state of the illness all around him, I asked him what we (the rest of the world) can do to help.

I asked him if he had the money, could he actually buy oxygen. And if he could, would that be helpful?

Man needing oxygen in India
A desperate man and his relative wait for oxygen

The answer was categorically yes! Yes he can source portable oxygen generators, and yes indeed they will be useful.

I was a bit concerned that if Aamir was to buy the machines, would the hospitals therefore be missing out. But the reality is there are just so many people who can’t get to hospital, or if they could they can’t afford it (hospitals are not free in India). So many are too sick to go and when they get there, there are too many people so they might not be seen. We’ve seen dreadful images of people dying in their cars right outside the hospital.

Update: We have sourced 3 portable oxygen machines and any remaining money is being used to put together basic food parcels to be distributed to those who have nothing.

Man on oxygen
We are fund-raising for portable machines that can supply oxygen 24/7 and not run out

Jump on this link ‘India Needs Support‘ to see more about what Aamir is doing, read the specs of the oxygen generators (if you wish) and then donate what you can to help save some lives.

I’m a firm believer that we are blessed to be a blessing and now is our time to step up.

Megan x

Update: As at 2 June we have raised enough to purchase 3 oxygen generators and the immediate need has now passed. We will use the remaining money to provide food and essentials for poor families.

Aamir reading the instructions on the new machine!

If you’d like to contribute, your donation will go directly to providing essential food parcels. Images to follow.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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