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Lap up a mojito spa treatment at Hanmer!

Since I was to be staying in Hanmer for two nights I did a little research on some of the must-dos.

Hanmer hot springs
Make time for a soak in the pools before your spa

Of course a soak in the natural hot pools at Hanmer Springs is on the list, but so too was a spa treatment. And as luck would have it they just launched a new range of products only three days earlier.

“Come and try our new cocktail body exfoliation and massage,” they cried. Well, what was one to say to that, except “Ummm YES!”

Cocktail spa treatments? Indeed. Think pineapple and coconut pina colada, lime and mint mojito and cranberry cosmopolitan oils mixed with sugar to provide the scrub. I could hardly wait. This is quite the opposite of sawdust spa that I had in Taiwan.

So here I am in my bathrobe, paper undies on, but sans the paper bra. Yes, a paper bra. Who knew? But if covering your bits is going to make you more comfortable, then you’ll get it here. I, meanwhile, whipped it into my handbag to pocket as a souvenir.

Hanmer spa entrance
Your treatment awaits…

Paulina from Chile is my therapist. Her hands are softer than velvet. One of the perks of the job: she gets to exfoliate and oil them all day long.

I lay on the table face up covered in a towel as Paulina played mixologist and shook up my chosen brew. Mojito for me. I liked its subtle lime and mint scent, rather than the full power of coconut and pineapple that reminded me of summer in the 80s when we didn’t know better than to slather ourselves with coconut oil.

I like the theatre with a shot glass to measure and a cocktail shaker to play Tom Cruise to mix the sugar, oil and a teaspoon of dried ground mint leaves. Then on it goes.

Hanmer cocktail spa
Shaken not stirred!

Rubbed into the legs, feet, tummy, arms and decolletage, then I sat up so she could do my back. The sugar is not as coarse as some scrubs I’ve had and also not being salt, is much gentler on any cracks one might have in the skin.

On went the shower just beside me and I bundled myself into it while she stepped out, to wash off the gritty bits. Then back on the bed, face down for the mojito oil massage. It was soft and I was pampered. If she’d asked, I’d have said work out those knots before I sober up!

Book your treatment here at Hanmer Springs Spa

To get to Hanmer from Christchurch, get yourself a Jucy rental and head into wine country!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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