May 6, 2017

I was sucked in by Mexico’s fake Hotel California!

The Eagles are suing this hotel in Mexico – AFTER I bought the T-shirt!

Hotel California Mexico

Hotel California – NOT!

Legendary 70s band The Eagles are suing a Mexican hotel for using their song Hotel California and sucking people in that the song was written about the hotel in Todos Santos, just north of Jose del Cabo on the Baja Peninsular.

I was sucked in. I literally bought the T-shirt – and a cap. Then when I got home and began to do a little research about the hotel’s link to The Eagles, I discovered that there was none at all. Zip. Nada. It was all a huge scam. I’m just surprised it’s taken the band’s lawyers this long to try and get some of the money they have earned from hapless tourists like myself.

I was in Cabo, on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, a few years back and was excited to have a guide for the day. We drove from Jose del Cabo to La Paz up the eastern side of the peninsula for a bit of seal watching and cerviche on the beach (as you do) then drove back down the west coast via a little town called Todos Santos, specifically to visit the legendary Hotel California.

Our driver played the hit song in the van and regales us with stories of how it came to be named. (*cough.) Well I should have, but I didn’t know any better!

They have a gift shop, The Emporium, which is so big it has its own entrance selling all sorts of merch and I handed over my hard-earned cash (pic below).

If you Google the hotel you’ll find images of motorbike groups lined up outside while their riders have a beer in the garden bar with a sound stage out the back. You’ll find a gazillion selfies of tourists keen to put themselves into a little piece of Rock n Roll history. Or so they think.

Inside this 3-star hotel, reception is dark and a little eerie. It’s painted in blues and crimsons. Well I remember thinking that it was spooky at the time because we’d been belting out “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave”. I honestly think my guide believed this was the hotel that inspired the Eagles haunted song about.

Anyway, I shall update this post when the results of the lawsuit are in, but in the meantime, buy what you can from this “genuine fake” gift store because I don’t suspect it’ll be around much longer!

Hotel California art work

The Hotel California tequila as art

Hotel California toilets

Ladies and Gents toilets!

Fake Hotel California merchandise

Hotel California T-shirt and cap. For some reason my husband’s not so keen to wear them!

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