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WIN a set of noise-cancelling headphones!

WIN a pair of Technics EAH-A800 headphones valued at $499!!

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I look like Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia with my headphones on like electronic plaited buns over my ears, walking through the streets of Havelock North, trialing the noise-cancelling Technics EAH-A800 headphones by Panasonic.

I chose silver (there is also black), and charged them over night so they could connect via Bluetooth to my phone, and off I went, on the short stroll (about 1 km) from mum’s to Workroom, the only cafe that was open in the Christmas break.

I chose the silver colour

The first thing I noticed was the effect of the noise-cancelling. The world around me withdrew into a dull, faded sound that I was barely focused on. I could hear my feet (I was wearing rubber jandals) thudding on the footpath with every step. How heavily I walk!

There is another mode which doesn’t reduce external noise so much if you’d prefer that (maybe you’re cycling or running and need to be aware of traffic), you have that option.

I phoned my sister, just to show off, and talked to her as I walked down the road, causing mum’s neighbour in her garden to try and reply to me. An awkward, “oh sorry”, later with a friendly wave and I reached the corner.

We finished our conversation and I put a podcast on for the rest of the walk. The sound was great and again, with no outside noise distracting me, I was in my own world being inspired about some new things to work on for this blog.

These headphones will be really great to use at home if you are wanting to watch/listen to one thing while your partner/room mate/kids watches another while in the same room. Or give them a pair for gaming so you can avoid the noise!

Megan walking with Technics headphones on
Princess Leia out walking with her sound on!

On a road trip

I tried them again on our two-hour road trip from Hawkes Bay to Kinloch, a little lake side village around Lake Taupo.

I selected another podcast and husband put Genesis on the CD player (yes we still have one of those). He had Phil Collins up super loud, so while I could hear it, it was background noise to my podcast, that I could still also hear perfectly well.

They are super comfortable to wear with cushioned ear pieces and a soft head band. They’re also lightweight so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on your head. The fact that they’re also wirelessly connected to your phone is a bonus for making calls too.

Megan with headphones on like Princess Leia
Princess Leia on the road!

On a plane

I’m not due on a plane for a couple of months, so won’t be able to test them there, but from what I’ve found with the noise cancelling, they’ll make resting that much easier for sure.

They also have a 3mm cord for plugging into airline entertainment systems, and an extra adapter with two prongs for those airline seats adapters.

Listening to music

The official info says: “With industry-leading* noise cancelling, EAH-A800 combines Dual Hybrid feedforward & feedback noise cancelling with analog & digital processing for immersive listening.”

What that means in lay speak, is the sound is clear and there’s a depth to it that is unlike my usual street walking EarPods!

Technics Specs:

The Technics EAH-A800 boast 50 hours on one charge and a quick 15-minute charge will give another 10 hours. It also has a wearing sensor, so when you remove them they stop. If you put them on again within 60 seconds your music will start again.

Multi-paring to more than one device at once, which is handy to pair with your phone and computer, game or internet TV.

They have eight microphones dotted around the ear muffs for excellent sound quality, as well as wind noise reduction. This makes them very useful for podcasting, radio interviews in noisy places (like I sometimes have to do!) In fact I just recorded podcast #13 with the founder of NZ Travel Tips and her special discounts for her members, with no microphone except the ones in the ear muffs, if you want to listen.

Read the full Technics specs here.

Mike Hosking’s producer is a fan. Supplied from Technics NZ

Be in to win by completing this form below. Winner must have a NZ postal address. Prize will be drawn February 3rd. Good luck!

In New Zealand you can buy Technics at Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, JB Hifi, PB Tech.

If you’re reading this outside NZ and want to get a pair on Amazon, just click the image above, or jump on this link (affiliate link).

While the headphones were given to me by Panasonic, this review is based on my own experience and opinion.

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Nicky De Lautour

Friday 27th of January 2023

I leave for an overseas holiday to the USA soon ( emailed you about the olive leather bag to take), and would absolutely love love these noise cancelling headphones to take on the 17 hour NZ - New York flight that I already anxious about and these would make such a big difference with. Please please choose me! Thank you Nicky

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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