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Crash an Elvis wedding in Vegas!

If you’re looking for the best look-alike for an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas, here he is! I know, because I gate-crashed a wedding he was conducting and was hilariously impressed.

There are just so many things to do on the perfect weekend in Las Vegas – and it doesn’t have to be all about casinos. In fact hotels are being built without casinos these days – I know!

There are live concerts every night with huge stars, at least seven resident Cirque du Soleil shows, Michelin-star restaurants, pool bars, an epic nightlife scene and Las Vegas is also fabulous for shopping!

But quite possibly the most memorable thing to do in Vegas is getting married, or renewing your wedding vows in a light-hearted and comical way by Elvis.

Graceland Wedding Chapel Las Vegas
Graceland Wedding Chapel

Of course you can also have a lavish, traditional Vegas wedding in one of the many hotels, but what fun is that when Elvis is gyrating just down the street!

A few years back I was in Vegas for a travel convention and had a free afternoon and ended up gate-crashing an Elvis wedding. The bride and groom didn’t mind. In fact they invited me in when they saw me lurking at the door of the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

It was one of the strangest, most hilarious things I’ve ever done on my travels. I decided to take myself down the Strip to where several of the wedding chapels are to see what I could see.

You can even book a wedding ceremony or vow renewal with Elvis at the Graceland Wedding Chapel here!

Some boast look-alike Elvis’s and others provide drive-through weddings.

Yes, you can just drive through at some wedding venues – like McDonalds, repeat your vows after the celebrant in the drive-through window, sign the papers and drive out. Ala Britney Spears, who did just that in 2004. That marriage didn’t last more than 55 hours.

Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas
The Little White Wedding Chapel does drive through weddings on the Las Vegas Strip

The best Elvis in Las Vegas

But back to Elvis weddings in Vegas, so I slipped in to a seat a few rows back on the groom’s side (there was no one on that side) of the windowless cream coloured room with fabric draped walls and waited, wide-eyed for what was about to happen.

It was actually a wedding vow renewal for this couple. The husband stood up the front by himself and they had four friends sitting in the front row, their cameras poised. No celebrant, just us.

Brendan Paul as Elvis. Elvis wedding Las Vegas
Brendan Paul as Elvis

Then finally the doors behind us opened and in walked the wife (they would have been in their 50s I guess) on the arm of Elvis Presley! Well, at least the best look-alike Elvis in Las Vegas. That’s why Graceland Wedding Chapel is so popular.

I have seen some pretty bad Elvis imitators in my visits to Las Vegas and also to the real Graceland in Memphis, but Brendon Paul was uncannily like the King. He also co-owns Graceland Wedding Chapel and offers several wedding packages (see below).

Terrible Elvis Presley lookalike at an Elvis wedding Las Vegas
Don’t get this Elvis impersonator!

So in they walk, her giggling while he croons “Love me tender” down the aisle, everyone else stifling a giggle too. But giggling is what an Elvis wedding is all about.

They got to the front and Elvis stepped into the celebrant role and took them through their vows that ran like a song list.

“I take you to be my hunka hunka burnin love,” said the blushing bride, holding a bouquet at her waist, to her grinning groom.

Elvis wedding Las Vegas
Love me tender!

“I promise never to step on your blue suede shoes,” she repeated. And some more lines that I can’t quite remember now.

And then Elvis the celebrant became Elvis the entertainer and sang “I can’t help falling in love” and “Viva Las Vegas” while we took photos.

Afterwards I got to spend a few minutes with “Elvis” before he had to dash off to an eyelash tint appointment.

Brendan Paul is a blonde in real life and needs to keep up with his salon appointments probably more than me!

Read my post about visiting Memphis and my Peek inside Graceland >

If you’re wanting to book the best Elvis Presley in Las Vegas, Brendan Paul is your guy.

Elvis weddings at Graceland Wedding Chapel start at US$199 and includes Elvis walking the bride up the aisle and singing two songs, plus a wedding certificate. You can pay more for a professional photographer to capture your moment with the King!

Or go for the full Concert with the King wedding package for $699 or how about the Dueling Elvis package with young Elvis and old Elvis for $799?

Create your own Elvis Wedding playlist!

Or just use this list of the best Elvis wedding songs to create your own fun-filled wedding at home!

  • Love me Tender
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • Hawaiian Wedding Song
  • All Shook Up
  • Fools Rush In
  • Burning Love
  • Blue Moon
  • A Little Less Conversation

Read more: If you’re looking for really fun, unusual things do in Las Vegas that your friends have probably never heard of, you’ll love this post.

I made an online Elvis crossword, so have some fun and test your knowledge of the king by jumping on this link to do my Elvis Presley trivia crossword!

Elvis lookalike Las Vegas
Yet another Elvis lookalike in Las Vegas! Image by traveLink from Pixabay

Some other fun stuff to do in Las Vegas (note: if you book any of these activities I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

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Sunday 23rd of January 2022

My wife and I also renewed our vows at the same chapel and yes he was excellent.

Megan Singleton

Sunday 30th of January 2022

Oh great! How fun.

jo Ann Lawery

Saturday 22nd of July 2017

This post is cute! Vegas makes it so easy for a person to get married. You just have to be over 18 and show your passport or social security card along with your marriage thingy that you got from Clark County Marriage License Bureau for $77 usd. I just returned from Las Vegas in June as I was there for the NHL Awards and Expansion Draft . Vegas is amazing and not just the strip , Downtown as well .

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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