November 1, 2019

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon accidents

Happy Thanksgiving America! 

The fourth Thursday in November is all about stuffing one’s face with turkey and green bean casserole (get my recipe here >>) and watching football from the vantage point of the couch all afternoon.

Oh, and giving thanks to God for the harvest. That’s what Thanksgiving is really about – ever since the pilgrims first came over from Britain to America and harvested their first crop of corn.

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
Kermit the Frog on a good day!

But Thanksgiving is also known for the three-hour live TV coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City with hundreds of floats, helium balloons, marching bands and the occasional superstar looking for a bit of nationwide coverage.

Since the parade first started in 1924 the enormous helium balloons have been its hallmark. The night before the parade is also an event in itself that you should get to if you’re in town: the filling of these monstrosities with helium just off Central Park.

Macy's balloon inflating
Inflating in Central Park in the wee small hours. Pic

And when Thanksgiving day dawns one can only imagine how hard it is for the “balloon wranglers” to control these beasts should the weather turn inclement. And yes, over the years there have been a few Thanksgiving day balloon accidents.

Here is a list of some of the more spectacular Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons that have run amok!

1927: Felix the Cat was the first one to make an appearance in the parade  – but he caught fire after tangling with telephone wires.

1957: Popeye the Sailor’s hat filled with water during a heavy rain, which threw it off-course and poured 50 gallons of water on an unsuspecting and unhappy crowd.

1985: Kermit the Frog experienced a nasty stomach injury and collapsed to the ground in a heap.

1986: Raggedy Ann crashed into a lamppost and sent it into the street. The same year, Superman had his hand torn off by a tree. Neither incident caused any injuries to humans.

1993: Sonic the Hedgehog crashed into a lamppost at Columbus Circle and broke an off-duty police officer’s shoulder.

1994: Barney tore his side on a lamppost and had to be removed from the parade with the help of knife-wielding officials, crying kids and cheering adults.

1995: Dudley the Dragon, who was leading the parade, was speared and deflated on a lamppost and showered glass on the crowd below.

Smurf balloon inflation, held down by netting until the next day’s parade. Pic Flickr/SarahLou

1997: This is the worst. High winds pushed the Cat in the Hat into a lamppost. The falling debris struck a parade-goer, fracturing her skull and left her in a coma for a month. She sued the city for $395 million and “settled for an undisclosed sum” in 2001.

Size rules were subsequently implemented in 1998, banning larger balloons.

Those same high winds also caused the New York Police to have to stab and stomp down Barney over crowd concerns. They also stabbed Pink Panther for the same reason. I have searched Youtube for two days trying to find footage of the balloon stabbings, alas nothing. (If you have any please comment!)

2005: M&M‘s balloon caught on a streetlight in Times Square. Two sisters were struck by falling debris, suffering broken teeth and other injuries. The M&M’s balloon was retired after 2006 and replaced by a float saluting Broadway theatre and musicals. The sisters got a lifetime supply of M&Ms.

2008: a balloon took out the NBC camera booth taking their pictures off air. No word on “who” was the naughty gas-filled perpetrator.

2011: the Kool Aid man deflated and fell over. A bit like some of the people he purports to assist I’m thinking.

2012: Buzz Lightyear ripped his helmet and nearly went beyond infinity, ending up in a river while his handler ended up in hospital.

Felix cat wrangled down Broadway
Felix the cat being wrangled down Broadway. Pic

If you’re heading to NYC to watch the parade, this link to the Playbill Guide has a map of the parade route and tips on the best places to stand for the best views, plus who is performing this year.

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