1. Hyatt Place Anaheim

    Anaheim hotels: the brand new Hyatt Place

    For families who want a bit of space, or the business traveller hanging out in Anaheim, the brand spanking Hyatt Place is ideal. Here’s what I liked about it…

  2. Garretts Chicago

    Chicago: inside the kitchen of popcorn legends Garrett’s

    Chicago is famous for a lot of things – including Garrett’s cheese and caramel popcorn which is absolutely, moreishly delicious! I went into their flagship kitchen to find out how they make it…

  3. Sixteen, Trump, Chicago

    Chicago: dining at the Trump!

    I had lunch at quite possibly the poshest restaurant in Chicago – Sixteen at Donald Trump’s place. If you’re a food geek, take a look at these droolable pics!

  4. Chicago buildings

    Reflections on Chicago

    I love the reflections of Chicago’s buildings as they all stand together sharing a little bit of each other. Here’s a few of my fave pics of Reflections on Chicago

  5. Crazy American sm

    Pics: Inside the Chicago All Blacks game!

    Here’s my day in photos at Soldier Field, Chicago where half of New Zealand came from all corners of the earth to watch the boys in black whip some American butt!

  6. Washington DC bars

    3 cool bars for a drink in Washington DC

    Washington DC at night is packed with bars and neighbourhoods worth checking out. Here are 3 cool watering holes I found (and one was harder than the rest) including 1 overlooking the White House and a groovy speakeasy.

  7. Shopping in LA

    LA: 5 great places to shop

    Looking forward to some shopping in LA?? Here are 5 great places that provide retail therapy and a whole lot more!

  8. Zip lining Catalina

    Catalina Island: let me hear you scream!

    Ever considered visiting Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles? I faced the fear and went zip lining, then pottered around the dinky seaside village of Avalon. Here’s what to expect…

  9. Top 5 things to do in Philadelphia

    Top 5 things to do in Philadelphia

    There is so much to see and do here and if you’re a history buff you’ll so love Philadelphia. But here are a few other things you must try – including a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich!

  10. Hockey TN

    Puck it! Ice hockey in Philadelphia

    Ice hockey is as famous for the fist fights as it is for the game. Attending one in America was a highlight of my trip! From the anthem to the obligatory fight to the speed and skill on the ice to the hyped up crowd. Gold.