1. Tom Bradley Terminal

    Finally! Shopping and dining at LAX

    Finally a brand spanking new terminal at LAX with great shopping and dining to while away your layover! Introducing the newly refurbished Tom Bradley Terminal…

  2. Sonoma cheese

    California: 5 things to eat in Sonoma County

    Sonoma County might be famous for its wine (500 vineyards will do that for ya), but it is a veritable fruit bowl and sea basket too!
    Here are 5 foods to try between sips…

  3. Sonoma vines

    California: 5 things you didn’t know about Sonoma

    This is my first visit to California’s famous wine country and a few things have surprised me about Napa’s big sister…

  4. Thanksgiving food

    Recipe: How to make American green bean casserole!

    One of the scrummiest dishes I’ve ever made is the traditional Thanksgiving green bean casserole. If you want to whip it up where you live, here’s how.

  5. Kermit

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon accidents

    It’s Thanksgiving Day in America and in New York it’s not about turkeys and cranberry sauce, but the over-the-top Macy’s Day Parade and hot air balloons being walked down the streets by teams of wranglers who have stuffed it up over the years.

  6. Hyatt Place Anaheim

    Anaheim hotels: the brand new Hyatt Place

    For families who want a bit of space, or the business traveller hanging out in Anaheim, the brand spanking Hyatt Place is ideal. Here’s what I liked about it…

  7. Garretts Chicago

    Chicago: inside the kitchen of popcorn legends Garrett’s

    Chicago is famous for a lot of things – including Garrett’s cheese and caramel popcorn which is absolutely, moreishly delicious! I went into their flagship kitchen to find out how they make it…

  8. Sixteen, Trump, Chicago

    Chicago: dining at the Trump!

    I had lunch at quite possibly the poshest restaurant in Chicago – Sixteen at Donald Trump’s place. If you’re a food geek, take a look at these droolable pics!

  9. Chicago buildings

    Reflections on Chicago

    I love the reflections of Chicago’s buildings as they all stand together sharing a little bit of each other. Here’s a few of my fave pics of Reflections on Chicago

  10. Crazy American sm

    Pics: Inside the Chicago All Blacks game!

    Here’s my day in photos at Soldier Field, Chicago where half of New Zealand came from all corners of the earth to watch the boys in black whip some American butt!