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Cooking classes at Sea: Cruises for foodies

Cruising is about more than just getting from port to port. These days it’s about the entertainment onboard as much as the destination you’re heading to.

And eating is one of them. No, I’m not talking about the daily buffet or burgers by the pool 24/7! I’m talking about learning how to cook from professional chefs, cookbook authors and eating in exclusive fine dining restaurants.

Holland America cooking class

Hands on demo time

I’m sure some of you are thinking you don’t go on a cruise to cook your own meal… but believe it or not, some of us would LOVE to fiddle about in the kitchen under the tutelage of a professional master chef at sea!

Do you want to learn how to make empanadas while cruising around South America?

Or chat with a chef from the Food Channel as he prepares a meal in the Culinary Arts Center demonstration kitchen?

Does New England clam chowder or grilled peach crème brulee have you drooling not just to try it, but to learn how to make it?

Holland America Culinary Arts Centre

The Noordam’s Culinary Arts Center.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ll love what Holland America Line offers.

In partnership with Food & Wine Magazine, the onboard Culinary Arts Center is so popular, it has been included on every ship in their fleet. It’s where top chefs and authors join Holland America’s own talented culinary team to offer demonstration kitchens and roll-your-sleeves-up hands on classes.

Holland America kids cooking

If you have budding chefs in your family, sign them up for the kids classes

The one-hour demos are complimentary and you can register for private cooking classes with the chef for about $40. Some classes are also held in the restaurants, some are itinerary themed, like learning how to make Jamaican jerk meats when cruising the Caribbean or chorizo pasta in the Mediterranean.

Holland America also has a delicious partnership with New York’s famous Le Cirque restaurant, and on at least one night per voyage, the Pinnacle Grill transforms into a Le Cirque–like atmosphere. For an extra charge of about $50 you can enjoy their whimsical ambiance and award-winning food — from the amuse bouche served on orange Le Cirque china to the restaurant’s famous crème brûlée.

Holland America flower food

Get to the food art demonstrations too and wow your friends at your next dinner party

And who said cruising wasn’t fun, inspirational and educational all while being pampered on a luxury ship – oh and seeing the world too, don’t forget!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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